The Salty Bones team are now on their annual holiday up north, fishing, relaxing and connecting.

Our online store will be closed for purchases until July 17th. You can still browse and decide what you would like but please note that the website will not allow you to purchase until we are back on board.

Thanks for your understanding!

The art of fishing leaves an impression…

Fishing is so much more than just throwing a line in the water. It’s time with friends and family. It’s anticipation and excitement. It’s the colour when a fish bursts from the water, with chromed up flanks as the light hits its scales. It’s a fat, flaky slab of white flesh with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon. 

Salty Bones was born from this love of fishing and the ocean. We use the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku to capture all that entails, applying water-based inks to impress real fish onto traditional Japanese rice paper. Details are then added to the print, and the fish is washed, filleted and enjoyed.